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2017 ACIC Conference Survey

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Special Training Calendar

Don’t miss out on CLEST Credit!! There will be lots of surprises and extra goodies!

Learn how to best utilize VINE, JusticeXchange, and NPLEx!

This training will be especially beneficial for deputies, police officers, prosecutors, jail personnel, dispatchers, warrant clerks, hot check coordinators, and victim advocates for instruction on the use of VINE, JusticeXchange, and NPLEx.

Advanced Training

ACIC ADVANCED training is required of all ACIC access device operators who wish to enter or modify data in the ACIC system. ACIC BASIC training is a prerequisite for enrollment in this course. Additionally, THERE IS A MANDATORY WAITING PERIOD OF 30 DAYS BETWEEN SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF ACIC BASIC TRAINING AND SCHEDULING OF ACIC ADVANCED TRAINING. The ACIC ADVANCED class consists of at least 32 hours of instruction. Operators who successfully complete ACIC ADVANCED training are considered to have “full access” are authorized to enter, modify, clear, and query data.

Advanced Training Calendar

Basic Training

ACIC BASIC training is required of all individuals operating an ACIC access device. The ACIC BASIC class consists of at least four hours of training on ACIC policy, procedures and the laws regulating the access and use of ACIC and CJIS data. Operators who successfully complete ACIC BASIC training are authorized to inquire upon ACIC information but are not authorized to add or modify ACIC information. It is MANDATORY for all operators to successfully complete this training requirement within 60 days of employment. 

Basic Training Calendar

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